3R of Charleston, Inc.
Environmental, Industrial, and Waste Transportation Services.
24 Hour Emergency Spill Response Contact: (843) 824-0711
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  24/7 Emergency Spill Clean Up Contact: (843) 824-0711
Roll-Off Container Dumpster Rental and Services
3R of Charleston, Inc.

3R of Charleston, Inc. provides roll-off dumpster services for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential. 3R of Charleston, Inc. also provides recycling roll-off can services for metals, plastics, and cardboard. 3R has a variety of roll-off cans. They include sludge roll-off cans for hauling wet solids; vacuum box roll-off cansRoll-off Cans Left-Right 40, 30, & 20 Yard for use with our vacuum trucks to vacuum out sludge from tank cleaning and pit cleaning or vacuuming up sand blast waste; hard top roll-off cans can be used for keeping its contents dry or for carrying soupy sludge or sand blasting waste; roll-off trash compactor dumpsters; construction debris roll-off cans in size 20 cyds, 30 cyds, & 40cyds.

Hard Top Sluge CanCompactor Roll-off Can
3R of Charleston, Inc
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