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Tank Cleaning Maintenance
3R of Charleston, Inc. Contact Us At: (843) 824-0711 
Tank Cleaning Maintenance
3R of Charleston, Inc.

3R of Charleston can preform tank maintenance cleaning of any kind hazardous, acids, caustics, chemicals, petroleum, and number 6 oil tanks. 3R can do tank Rail Car Tank Cleaningcleaning for gas free & hot work, tank inspection, painting, decommissioning or for product type change. 3R can remove sludge or solids from tank for tank bottom reclamation. 3R can steam clean with our 3,500 psi pressure washers, chemical cleaning, degrease or hand wipe the tanks clean. 3R of Charleston, Inc. has successfully cleaned a seven-million capacity AST. We also have the equipment (vacuum trucks and vacuum tankers) to transfer or remove product from tanks and transport to final destinations. Some products we have experience removing are para-xylene, petroleum products, phosphorus, and waste sludge.

3R of Charleston, Inc. is qualified to do these types of tank cleanings and more:

Certificates involved with Tank Cleaning:   

                                        1) Hazardous Waste Transporter Tank & Bilge Cleanings For Ships

                                        2) USCG Approved Over Water Transfers

                                        3) DHEC Approved Used Oil Transporter

                                        4) DHEC Approved Sewage Transporter

                                        5) Confined Space Entry Trained

                                        6) 40 Hr Trained


Experience Cleaning Tanks: 20 Plus Years, 3R has cleaned tanks for everyone from the  US Coast Guard to Local Municipalities to Hess and BP– Every member of the 3R tank cleaning crew all have 7 plus years experience cleaning petroleum, number 6 oil, sludge, fuel oil, jet fuel, acid, para-xylene, caustics, and sewage tanks. 


Equipment 3R owns and uses for Tank Cleanings: 

1) 6,000 gallon stainless steel vacuum tankers   Rail Car Tank Cleaning

                                    2) Liquid Ring 3,500 gallon vacuum trucks

3) LEL & Oxygen monitoring equipment for confined spaces

4) Two 3,500 PSI steam pressures washer trailers

5) PPE and confined space retrieval equipment

6) Large assortment of pumps and hoses

7) 3R owns and uses much more equipment on tank cleanings

Rail Car Tank Cleaning & Vacuum Truck Services:


3R of Charleston, Inc
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