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Environmental, Industrial, and Waste Transportation Services.
24 Hour Emergency Spill Response Contact: (843) 824-0711
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  24/7 Emergency Spill Clean Up Contact: (843) 824-0711
Vacuum Boxes Rental
3R of Charleston, Inc.

Vacuum boxes can be used with our vacuum trucks to vacuum out sludge from pits or tanks. 25yard capacity in vacuum box, there hooks located inside the box for liners. Vacuum boxes can hold liquids and sludge are can be used with 3R vacuum trucks to keep the truck working after the vacuum box gets full. Vacuum boxes can be delivered with our double roll-off chassis or our standard roll-off truck. 3R of Charleston also provides vacuum box waste transportation services, cleaning, and disposal.
Vacuum Boxes

  • 25 Yard Capacity
  • Steel Construction
  • Top Man-way

3R of Charleston, Inc
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