3R of Charleston, Inc.
Environmental, Industrial, and Waste Transportation Services.
24 Hour Emergency Spill Response Contact: (843) 824-0711
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  24/7 Emergency Spill Clean Up Contact: (843) 824-0711
Waste Water Treatment Plant Services
3R of Charleston, Inc.

3R provides a variety of waste water treatment plant services including routine biological sludge transportation and Solid/Sludge Removal with Vacuum Truck & Sludge Roll off Containerdisposal services with dump trailers & roll-off cans. WWTP cleaning of digestors, lift stations, clarifiers, aired and nonaired grit chambers, rbcs, and lagoon clean outs.
3R can provide 24hr emergency pump out services with 6,000 gallon stainless steel vacuum tankers. Sludge and solids removal services with vacuum trucks and vacuum boxes. 3R also has temporary storage tanks.

Other Services that 3R provides:
3R of Charleston, Inc
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