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3R Charleston, Inc. is a reputable provider of industrial services for cleaning, removing, and disposing of waste. We understand that different industrial sectors have the most demanding and harshest environments. So we take pride in our ability to help you with the problems that may arise.

We have engineers who are ready to serve you that are highly specialized in providing routine and emergency industrial services. We can handle hazardous and non-hazardous waste, tanker services, and multiple industrial cleaning services. Plus, we’re fully equipped and knowledgeable to get the job done.

Industrial Plant Services
Industrial Plant Services

3R of Charleston’s Industrial Services Are Listed Below:

Common Industrial Services We Offer

Currently, we have several industrial services. If you need more information, check the most common services that our clients require:

Tank Cleaning

One of our primary industrial services is septic tank cleaning. Even if your tank contains acids, caustics, and other dangerous chemicals – we can clean them with our tools and equipment. Additionally, we can clean your tank for gas-free and hot work after inspection. We can also do routine maintenance, decommissioning, and changing product types.

Vacuum Truck with Dense Phase Off-Load Capabilities

Depending on the service required, we’ll bring a vacuum truck or two with a 3,000-gallon capacity. The guzzler rings of our vacuum trucks can handle hazardous waste. Plus, it has a Dense Phase Offload System. This system lets the truck vacuum the materials and redistributes any useful product by offloading the dry materials up to 120 ft. high.

Industrial Cleaning / Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing services are a crucial part of industrial cleaning, and our pressure washers have a power of 3,500 psi. Additionally, using this handy equipment, we can steam clean and degrease any of your equipment that needs cleaning.

Reactor Cleaning

We also provide reactor cleaning with the help of our pressure washers, pneumatic hand tools, vacuum trucks and tankers, and water-blasting equipment. We also offer chemical cleaning for your reactors.

Under Conveyor Belt Cleaning Services

We’re also a conveyor belt cleaner with different cleaning services for under conveyor belts. Some examples are metal materials, vacuum truck services, recyclables removal, and rail-car loading/unloading applications.

Lagoon Clean Out

Our unique pond cleaning services allow us to clean out the ponds in your area. We typically use heavy excavation equipment, vacuum trucks, tankers, and frac tanks to store liquids. The types of pond cleanouts available are fire water storage ponds and detention/retention pond cleaning at subdivisions, golf courses, etc.

Tank Removal and Filling

3R of Charleston provides tank removal, and filling services for residential fuel heating tanks to be decommissioned or large UST. (More Information)

Waste Water Treatment Plant Services

3R of Charleston provides cleaning, waste transportation, and emergency services for WWTPs. (More Information)

Monitoring Well Services

3R of Charleston provides monitoring well vacuum extraction services with our stainless steel vacuum tankers and assortment manifolds, hoses, gauges, and carbon filter. (More Information)

Routine Waste Transportation

3R of Charleston routine waste removal and disposal of solid and sludge waste with roll-off cans & dump trailers, waste water with vacuum tankers and vacuum trucks, drum & tote containerized waste with small stake-body trucks or 53″ van trailers. (More Information)

Pit/Oil Water Separator Pump Outs

We offer professional pit/oil water separator pump outs. We provide the highest quality services and products to make sure your environmental needs are met. Pit/oil water separator pump outs will help keep your oil and water separated, preserving the integrity of your system. Our pump outs are highly efficient and effective, with a wide range of sizes to fit any size or type of operation. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure our customers get the most effective results.

Activated Carbon Replacement Services

3R of Charleston provides activated carbon removal, replacement and recycling services. (More Information)

Contaminated Soil Removal & Disposal

3R of Charleston provides contaminated soil excavation, transportation, and disposal services. (More Information)

Choose 3R of Charleston to Take Care of Your Industrial Services Needs

If you need maintenance cleaning and waste removal in your facility, don’t hesitate to go to us. We’re the best in the Southeast region and can provide a comprehensive list of services that might fit your needs.

So contact us today, and we’ll address any of your questions or concerns. We’ll help you find a solution that will solve your waste problems.