Comprehensive Waste Services

3R of Charleston, Inc. has offered excellent full-service environmental contracting, industrial plant maintenance, and waste transportation for many years. So we have honed our expertise and skills in handling waste and ecological projects. Our services can help ensure that your company and its surrounding areas comply with applicable regulations, all without sacrificing productivity or efficiency.

We have experts who can take care of any project, such as environmental engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, and more. They know to provide you with turnkey solutions to solve whatever waste problems you may have.

Services We Offer

We have worked in different sectors that focus on industrial projects. And we’re here to provide services to ensure your project succeeds. With our different types of services available, you can find what’s best for your facility.

Environmental Services

We provide exceptional environmental services to solve waste problems that can negatively impact the environment and people since these mainly involve chemicals and pollutants that can cause diseases and illnesses.

A list of our environmental services:

  • Emergency Spill Response: We can quickly dispatch our staff to your site with our 24/7 oil spill response for hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals or wastes.
  • Site Remediation: We can remediate your site by cleaning out contaminated soil and water.
  • Tank Removal and Filling: Our oil tank removal and filling services include large above-ground storage tanks and small residential tanks.
  • Aggressive Fluid Vapor Recovery Services: Out AFV recovery services are ideal for monitoring wells using vacuum tanks and trucks. We can monitor several wells at a time with our state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Contaminated Soil Removal & Disposal: If your project contaminated any soil in the surrounding area, we can remove and dispose of it properly.
  • Sealed Roll-off Containers: Our sealed roll-off containers are the perfect option for hauling wet solids from your site.
  • Routine Waste Transportation: We provide routine waste transportation, which can help you manage your waste and prevent them from becoming a liability.

Industrial Plant Services

We provide outstanding industrial plant services to large facilities with common hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Furthermore, we offer various industrial cleaning for tanks, reactors, etc. These can help improve your facility’s operation.

A list of our industrial plant services:

  • Tank Cleaning: Our reliable tank cleaning services can handle up to 7 million gallon tanks to be gas free. But we also work with small residential fuel tanks up for decommissioning.
  • Vacuum Truck with Dense Phase Off-Load Capabilities: With our vacuum truck services, you can choose from dry and wet-capable vacuum trucks that can hold up to 3,000 gallons. Plus, it has a Dense Phase Off-load System.
  • Industrial Cleaning / Pressure Washing: Our pressure washing services can clean and degrease any small or large industrial project.
  • Reactor Cleaning: Our team can provide exceptional reactor cleaning services using our pressure washer and chemical cleaning capabilities. We’re also equipped with pneumatic hand tools and more.
  • Under Conveyor Belt Cleaning Services: Our under conveyor belt cleaning services consist of different cleaning services, such as metal removal, vacuum truck services, etc.
  • Lagoon Clean Out: 3R is the leader in pond cleaning services, using heavy excavation equipment to clean out any pond.
  • Tank Removal and Filling: We have an outstanding tank filling service and removal, where we can also take care of your tank demotion and pipe removal with cleaning and emergency septic pumping.
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Services: WWTP is a service that focuses entirely on removing and treating wastewater in your facility. It also includes sludge transportation.
  • Monitoring Well Services: We have the gauges and equipment to monitor your wells, which is also a part of our AFV recovery service.
  • Pit Cleaning: We also specialize in pit cleaning for waste pits, algae pits, car washes, etc. We use vacuum boxes, trucks, and excavation equipment for this service.
  • Activated Carbon Replacement Services: This service focuses on removing used activated carbon with our vacuum trucks.
  • Vacuum Truck and Tanker Services: Our stainless steel tankers can tolerate up to 6,000 gallons. These can easily vacuum liquids and other materials, such as slurries.

Marine Services

One of the sectors we work with is the marine industry. Therefore, we specialize in maritime cleaning services, including universal and hazmat waste removal and slop wastewater disposal.

A list of our marine services:

  • Marine Tank Cleaning: We have a marine septic tank cleaning service, which can effectively clean our hazardous chemicals, acids, and other waste. We inspect tanks and do reclamation with our pressure washers and other reliable equipment.
  • USCG Over-Water Transfers: We’re coast guard approved for mobile transferring waste products over water.
  • Bilge Cleaning: Our bilge cleaning service for ships includes pressure washing, degreasing, steam pressure washing, and removal of sludge and solids.
  • Petroleum Contact Bilge and Slops Waste Water Removal: We can dispose of your PCW or petroleum contact water with the help of our stainless steel tankers.
  • Solid Waste Removal: For the marine industry, we also provide solid waste removal that allows us to remove solid waste efficiently.
  • Universal Waste Removal: We remove universal waste, including mercury, copper, and other harmful substances.
  • Recycling Services: We can take all types of metals, plastics, batteries, used oils and fuels, and fluorescent light bulbs.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Pump-Out Services: Our emergency pump-out service allows us to pump out and transfer hazardous or non-hazardous products with our reliable vacuum trucks, tankers, hoses, pumps, and storage tanks.
  • Steam Pressure Washing Services: Our pressure washer can put out 3,500 psi. These are also ideal for any steaming and degreasing project of any size.

Equipment Rentals

If you need any waste-related equipment, you can rent them from us for the right price. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of equipment you can choose from.

A list of our equipment rentals:

  • Roll-Off Can Dumpsters: These include sealed/sludge roll-off cans, vacuum box roll-off cans, hard-top sealed roll-off cans, roll-off trash compactor dumpsters, and construction debris roll-off cans in different sizes.
  • Vacuum Boxes: You may also rent our vacuum boxes, commonly used with vacuum trucks, to vacuum out sludge.
  • Frac Tanks: These are temporary storage of liquids that can carry up to 21,000 gallons per frac tank.
  • Compactor Cans: These are trash compactors that can be used for various waste, such as plastics, paper, wet waste, and more.

Demolition & Excavation Services

We offer residential and industrial customers our demolition and excavation services. We have experience demolishing large structures, such as airplane hangers and buildings, to smaller ones, such as mobile homes.

We have the equipment and contractors who can handle any project. Therefore, we can surely get the job done safely and fast. Our operators have years of expertise in demolition and excavation, so you can trust us to remove debris smoothly and seamlessly.

Choose 3R of Charleston to Take Care of Your Waste Disposal Needs & More

We understand that our clients have different requirements for handling their waste and how to dispose of them. But you can leave it all to us since we’re fully equipped with suitable machines to help us manage them properly.

So if you have any concerns or questions, please contact us today. Or you can also request an estimate, and we’ll talk about the needs of your facility or home.