Marine Industry

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At 3R of Charleston, Inc., we are committed to providing environmental, industrial, and waste transportation services for the marine industry that are safe and reliable. Our goal is to ensure our customers’ needs are met with the highest quality of service. We offer various services, including oil spill response, hazardous material disposal, emergency response, on-site oil removal, and tank cleaning. 

Our team is knowledgeable about local regulations and will ensure that every job is done in compliance with these standards. Moreover, they have an expert understanding of the technological and operational aspects of transporting hazardous materials.

3R of Charleston’s Marine services are listed below:
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Our services for the marine industry

3R of Charleston has provided exceptional marine services to the industry since 1990. With decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, 3R of Charleston offers a full range of marine services, including:

Tank Cleaning

Efficient and safe removal of oil, sludge, and debris from vessels for a variety of applications

USCG Over-Water Transfers

Authorized to transport bulk oil, hazardous liquids, and other products over water

Bilge Cleaning

Removal of all waste from a bilge tank and its associated systems

Petroleum Contact Bilge and Slops Wastewater Removal

 Quick disposal of excess fuel, water, oil, or other petroleum-based products from vessels

Solid Waste Removal

The safe collection and disposal of any solid wastes generated by boats, ships, and commercial vessels

Universal Waste Removal

Responsible management of hazardous chemicals such as lead acid batteries, cathode ray tubes (CRTs), mercury-containing equipment, and fluorescent lamps

Recycling Services

Sorting and reusing materials to reduce environmental impact while helping to conserve resources

24 Hour Emergency Pump Out Services

Immediate response to urgent requests for efficient pump-outs during any time of day or night

Steam Pressure Washing Services

Effective deep cleaning of vessels using pressurized steam

Vacuum Truck and Tanker Services

Secure transport from vessel to disposal site for any hazardous materials, solid waste, or other liquids.

Benefits of environmental, industrial, and waste transportation services in the marine industry

These services in the marine industry are invaluable for helping preserve the health of our oceans and shorelines. Here’s how:

  • By providing bilge cleaner services to remove contaminants from bilges and bilgewater caused by engine operation and other sources
  • Metal recycling services to safely dispose of scrap metals such as lead, copper, aluminum, iron, brass, and bronze
  • Emergency septic pumping to make sure sewage does not overflow into local waters
  • Oil spill response to contain and clean up oil spills
  • Contaminated sediment removal for cleaning up heavily polluted areas
  • Vacuum truck services to help move sediment, dredge, oil, solids, hazardous materials

We make sure you’re environmentally compliant

The team at 3R of Charleston, Inc takes pride in providing the best possible service for you and your maritime needs. Whether it is oil spill response, industrial cleaning, or emergency septic pumping, our experienced professionals are here to help. 

We understand the marine industry and the challenges of maintaining a business on the shoreline. Our goal is to help you navigate these waters safely and securely. With our waste transportation services, you can trust that we will do the job right while also considering local regulations and standards. 

We strive to make sure our customers have peace of mind knowing they have a reliable partner in us. If you have any questions about our services, contact us today!